Why undertake the 88-day-challenge of Healing with Light?

Because Feidaoxi “Healing with Light” is a transformative tool that invites you to consciously connect to Spirit, Light, Source, God/dess, or however you might call It.  As a person seeks happiness and completion in life, he/she realizes that growing in union with Spirit and having access to the healing power of the Light is the safest way “back home”.

Undertaking this set of spiritual exercises (prayers, meditations, reflections, and rituals)- that are inspired to give everybody direct access to Light within- is a natural way of going with the flow of your life purpose. And in order to do that, you have to dive deeply in your soul, your patterns, behaviors, misconceptions and traumas.

The exercises to “Meet the Light” have as a purpose to awaken you to a deeper understanding and to recover the lost parts of your soul that have been lost during your life. The way of Light is a way of regulating that life meets one’s own soul purpose and that free will is being applied in accordance with the divine call, which usually takes the name of “intuition”, “inner knowing” or “a voice in ones’  mind”. Whether you realize it or not, your soul drags you to your soul path. Why not learn to discern and bring it to surface? Practice how to detach from your ego-driven self and how to get rid of other’s unnecessary energies, belief patterns and behaviors that undermine your awakening to your Higher Self.

These Exercises draw elements from various Western cultures, Indian-American, European or African, however, they all have one common characteristic; they are inspired to heal you using Spirit’s infinite and unconditional love and light. For Divine Light of the Primary Source, of the Great Spirit, the Creator is the most powerful, transformative “weapon” for one’s life.

While you undertake these exercises, you are assisted to shape, understand and experience your connection to the Divine. The way of the Light is a way of bringing your authentic self back to surface.

This material is to be used by anybody who seeks getting back to happiness as a state of being.  Spend 15’ per day invited to a guided exercise that will help you recognize and heal patterns. Do it for the next 88 days. And you will experience “miracles”. It is as simple as that!

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The 88-day-challenge to spiritual healing
Light your way back home