“When the sun starts to rise over the horizon, extend one of your arms towards the sun, and point your index finger at the sun. Look at the sun from your index finger to the sun. While the sun is still red in color, focus on the sun as it rises completely above the horizon. Open your Heavenly Eye with the aid of the Sunlight.”

You understand that your third eye is designed to open naturally when the conditions are appropriate for you and you invite the Cyclope to guide you in the process. Through his state, he helps you stimulate and activate your pineal gland, which is sensitive to the bioelectrical signals of light and dark. Through the light that he sends to you from far away, you focus at the space between your eyebrows, your third eye chakra, and you allow pure, golden light to go through and reach the center of your brain, the tiny gland in size of a grain of rice, with its sensitive receptors.

This is an exercise inspired to activate your pineal gland and help you tap into your full potential.

Press here to listen to this guided meditation and practice the recommended healing ritual!

The Cyclop's third eye
The Cyclop’s third eye

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