The 88-day-challenge: Spiritual exercises (15’/day)

  1. The Madman by Goya– Healing erroneous beliefs about beauty/ugliness
  2. Venus by Botticelli – Healing the fear of acceptance
  3. Embrace the shamanic drum of awakening– Balancing body energy
  4. Journey with your Ancestors –Healing of past wounds in the Medicine Wheel and a way of receiving messages from your Ancestors
  5. Mother Mary- Healing of your compassionate heart with the Undoer of Knots
  6. Orlando by Virginia Woolf- Healing patterns about gender
  7. Pray to Spirit- Healing of the illusion of separation from God/dess
  8. Shamanic Journey to meet your Power animal- Strengthening yourself with the gifts of the spirit animals
  9. Jesus Christ- Healing the illusion of separation from Divine love
  10. Archangel Haniel- Invoking Frequencies of Peace & Harmony for the Earth and Healing dark energies of our Mother Earth
  11. Metatron’s Cube- Cleansing your energy body and a way of recovering your dormant spiritual abilities
  12. Saint Francis of Assis- Healing of the misconception of life purpose and a way of understanding divine will
  13. The Religion of hands by Rodin-Healing distorted patterns about intimate relationships
  14. God-warrior Lugos- Healing energies of the Warrior-self and a way of invoking transformation to your life
  15. William Blake- Healing ego patterns about reasoning and perception
  16. Water lilies by Monet- Healing ego-driven behaviors and a way of understanding the role of the distant observer
  17. The Dream by Rousseau- Healing the darkness of your jungle self
  18. The studio of Giacometti- Healing erroneous beliefs about your artistic expression
  19. The Cyclops- Activating Your Pineal Gland and a way of tapping into your full potential
  20. Hector and Astyanax- Healing energies of the expressive heart of the divine masculine
  21. Cave of Hecate- Healing on the way of the shadows
  22. Cycladic Goddess- Understanding the return of the Divine Mother
  23. Pre-Columbian animalistic art –Paying respect to Mother Earth and her nature
  24. Archangel Metatron- Healing and releasing past life experience wounds
  25. The Tempest by Shakespeare- Healing erroneous beliefs about magic and a way of recovering the power of creating miracles in your life
  26. Buster Keaton- Healing ego-driven behaviors of control and a way of understanding the art of surrendering
  27. Shamanic gathering- A way of co-creating a better world on Planet Earth
  28. Archangel Metatron- A way of understanding a life purpose of service to the Light  (Lightworkers)
  29. Oceans- Connecting to the waters of Mother Earth and a way to contribute to their healing
  30. Antigone- Healing patterns of abuse on other people and living beings

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