The sacred partners create a spiritual sanctuary for life and death. Their only specific faith is the faith in unconditional, eternal state of being mutually loved and healed. Look inside yourself to reconnect to the state of divine love– inside the sanctuary of your heart, and the temple of your human body.

Know that divine partnership is a gift from Spirit and that its characteristics belong to your original state of being. You have never been apart from the primary connection to divine love, and that is the reason why you feel trapped to the sentiment of non-fulfilment for as long as you do not experience it in the physical world.

When you are in presence of this person, the relationship is a catalyst for growth and enhances your relationships to others, as you release all judgments, fears or anxieties. Being closer to this person prompts you to appreciate their What the person brings to you and you to them is no competition, no definition by labels, and a deep healing of fears. You can show up fully without questions or anything to be hidden.

The Religion of Hands, by Rodin
The Religion of Hands (detail), by Rodin

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