When the artist feels that the garden needs his support, he adds something to the landscape or puts his hands in the mud to feel its vibration. He says; “I’m good for nothing except painting and gardening.” Allowing thoughts and emotions to come in and just observe them; this is the way of the impressionist. No thought and no emotion belongs totally to you. They are flowing energies that invade your body. The more you nurture them, the bigger they grow. As soon as you detach and become a distant observer of the etheric forms around you, you can either deny entrance or deny being ego-affected by them.

You continue standing on the bridge and watching at the water lilies. You notice that the painter comes here, back to this garden, every day, spending hours and hours gazing at the flowers, appreciating light and the game of the colors, in order to produce each one of his various perceptions of the lilies.

This is an exercise inspired to give you the role of the observer to your earthly life.

Press here to listen to this guided meditation that invites you to become a distant observer and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Nympheas (detail) by Claude Monet
Nympheas (detail) by Claude Monet

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