Warrior energy is your power: focus, dedication, purpose and determination. When you harness your warrior energy you are confident, clear, and you bring your full potential to each action. You then connect to Spirit as your creative flow: passion, wisdom, strategy, unconditional love, pleasure in growing. When you claim your warrior energy, you live in joyful self-acceptance, self-respect, and listen to your innermost knowing, as you wisely choose the battles you need to give. You understand when you feel overwhelmed and you stop being your worst critic.

Bring to your mind the resplendent Celtic sun god Lugos, the dashing, youthful warrior who was responsible for a lot of heroic acts, as the tribe of beings with dark characteristics were fought at and brought to Light. You let your soul merge with the spirit of the warrior-god, as you start putting on, one by one, the pieces of the warrior’s outfit. Lugos, the warrior-god of the Celts, is also responsible for thunderstorms, ravens, and lynxes. He is portrayed in your mind with his armor, helmet and invincible spear.

This is an exercise inspired to reveal energies of the Warrior-self and a way of invoking transformation to your life.

Press here to listen to the Warrior Lugos inviting you to a guided meditation and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Celtic Warrior God Lugos
Celtic Warrior God Lugos

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