“I have hurried from the house and went down the streets. When I had gone through the city and reached the gates through which I will go out on to the plain, my wife came running towards me. She came to meet me with a nurse who carried my little child in her bosom- a mere babe, my darling son who is lovely as a star.”

You look at the man and you feel the anxiety in his words. You ask him to continue. He says; “I smiled as I looked upon the boy, but I did not speak, and my wife stood by him weeping and taking my hand in her own. “Dear husband,” she said, “your valor will bring you to destruction; think on your infant son, and on my hapless self who shall be your widow soon”.

There he stands, a male figure holding a baby in his hands. As your mind pulls over from what you see at first sight, you allow to breathe in and out while you are still gazing at the statue. You let your brain wander a little bit at what may arise through this gaze and you allow thoughts to exist without judging.

Divine Masculine healing his wings
Divine Masculine healing his wings

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