“I began working at a young age. I was sending pencil drawings to my godfather and began oil painting in a studio a bit later. I began modeling the heads of my brothers in plasticine and then I moved closer to the artists that I admired in order to be taught the art by them. What was your favorite way of expression when you were young? Did you draw? Play an instrument? Build castles with mud?”

As you recall your own forms of artistic expression as a child, you step into the artist’s studio and you move closer to his work. You take some time to look around and observe the surroundings. The place is a small, shabby studio revealing a number of works that rejoice in the physicality of raw materials. The hands of the artist manipulate iron, bronze and stone to create versions of the human form that explore the convergence of humanity in movement. His use of metals has had an astonishing impact on the collective memory.

This is an exercise inspired to heal erroneous beliefs about your artistic expression.

Press here to listen to this guided meditation and practice the recommended healing ritual!

The sculptor in his studio
The sculptor in his studio

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