Embark on a journey with the beloved figure of Saint Francis, the Saint of kindness and devotion. Take a moment to think of his inner power to transform Divine Will into earthly actions. Take some time to gaze at the figure of Saint Francis and notice how totally and unconditionally he permits divine guidance and the Flow, to show him the way to his own journey of spirituality. How connected he is to his higher guidance, how released from all resistances and self-limitations, as he chooses to deposit his problems in the hands of Spirit. emerging from the light, the figure of Saint Francis wearing fine garments made of precious cloth, of silk and kashmir. He smiles at you and takes you from the hand to a mindful journey to his life. You immediately know that the beam of light will follow you and that its warmth will calm down every cell of your body. Saint Francis is inviting you to ride on a horse in the countryside.

This is an exercise inspired to heal the misconception of life purpose and duty to others.

Press here to listen to Saint Francis, the Saint of kindness, inviting you to a guided meditation and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Saint Francis, the Saint of Kindness
Saint Francis, the Saint of Kindness

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