Feminine nature declares unity with All that is. One hand on her chest, another hand in front of her Yoni, Venus is the entrance to the Divine Womb of acceptance. A look full of serenity and total acceptance of the whole. There she stands in front of you, a depiction of the divine lover that allows everybody to be unique, as they truly are, and at the same time, in union with everything, with everybody and All that is.

Through her natural and soft look, she declares your immortal nature. Through her zero judgment look, you can only see yourself as part of the divine. It’s not just that the life-sized, human-like nude Aphrodite is a subtle depiction of feminine beauty. It is a figure that transcends the concept of feminity. This version is yet another expression of the divine. This is a kind reminder of what is not completely immediate to you and to your world. Light in contrast to darkness.

This is an exercise inspired to heal fears of acceptance of oneself.

Press here to listen to Venus, a 15th century painting created by Sandro Botticelli, inviting you to a guided meditation and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Healing fears of acceptance
Venus (detail), by Sandro Botticelli

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