Take a moment to reflect on those times you have spent time judging people based on appearance, not being able to connect with their soul. In order to release all thoughtforms of what beauty is, feel yourself filled with acceptance for all beings, including yourself.

The Madman says; “I am you, you are me, we are all connected. I am those moments of happiness, of pure joy, when you don’t really care about how you look, about how you react, about the way to remain within the framework of society. I am those moments when you realize you don’t want to be trapped and you become a child again.”

This is an exercise inspired to heal erroneous beliefs about beauty and ugliness.

Press here to listen to the The Madman, an 18th century painting created by Francisco de Goya, inviting you to a guided meditation and practice the recommended healing ritual!

The Madman (detail), by Francisco de Goya

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