You are going to embark on a Shamanic journey that goes through the Medicine Wheel of your Ancestors, of the Wise ones that have loved you through times. Their soul remains close to you and comes to meet you in today’s modern life world. Your Ancestors are beloved beings that wish for your Highest Good and often come to bring you the messages that you need to know at each point.

Call upon the Medicine Wheel of the Ancestors to give you back the courage to take any harsh situation that you have in your life and bring it to the Wheel, where you can process and transmute it. Your Ancestors will be your guides as they have been entitled by Spirit to assist their lineage for the Highest Good of all. Start by bringing in your mind something that you need to find clarity on or understand deeper. Keep in mind that one thing that you wish to experience in a different way. Declare; “I wish to bring to Light and transmute with the love and support of my Ancestors what no longer serves me.”

This is an exercise inspired to heal past wounds and a way of receiving messages from your Ancestors.

Press here to listen to the Shamanic guided meditation of the Medicine Wheel and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Shamanic Journey with the Medicine Wheel
Shamanic Journey with the Medicine Wheel

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