Take a moment to note all the details of the scene. The colors, the symbols, the movements and the gestures. They all have significance. First allow vision of the animal to be clear and then see it moving. Once you see the animal in movement – follow it to see where it takes you and what messages it wishes to give to you. Be open to where it goes; it might be through an ordinary earth scene, or even through time and space.

Once you have fully connected to the animal, mentally speak to it and say that you wish it to take you on a spiritual journey so you can learn more about your soul path at this time. Keep your heart open and willing to go on the journey. Each animal is different, it reacts in a different way, so be prepared to go someplace that the spirit animal wishes to show to you. Pay close attention to everything that happens. Follow your spirit animal wherever it takes you…

This is an exercise inspired to strengthen you with the gifts of your Spirit Animal

Press here to listen to this guided meditation inviting you to meet your Spirit Animal and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Meeting your Spirit Animal
Meeting your Spirit Animal

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