Just set aside some time for prayer every day. You don’t need any equipment or religion to be based upon, but you do need time and space in your heart to connect with Spirit and pass from unconscious to conscious paths of connection, so that yourself and humanity can benefit further from your prayers.

Start by feeling light coming from an Infinite Source above you to unfold. A big sphere of light now embraces you and you feel its warmth in your heart. Inhale and exhale. Inhale pure, white light, exhale any dark or heavy energy.

Express gratitude. Say; “Thank you, Spirit, for bringing me here to Earth for this lifetime during these marvelous times of evolution.”

This is an exercise inspired to show you a way to praying.

Press here to listen to an invitation to prayer and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Prayer, the absolutely transformative tool
Prayer, the absolutely transformative tool

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