Consciously set the intention of understanding unity between the two genders, between masculine and feminine energies of oneself.

You close your eyes and by the time you open them again, you see in front of you Orlando’s figure, while time has passed over his/her body. You notice the same intact beauty of hers, the same sparkle in the eyes, the same genuine heart, and the same perception of the self. Orlando is still in contact with the same source as previously. She is now that same being of Light as before.

The young woman Orlando is now one step away from you. She looks straight into your eyes. She reflects all the loving power, the deep ocean of expression, the womb of life. She dives into your eyes and clears away old patterns and beliefs about genders. She is him. He is her.

This is an exercise inspired to heal erroneous beliefs about genders.

Press here to listen to Orlando, the hero-ine of author Virginia Woolf, inviting you to a guided meditation and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Orlando by Virginia Woolf
Orlando by Virginia Woolf

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