Allow whatever comes to approach you. Allow the figure to merge its light to your body and soul. It is a kind of Light elixir that is gradually filling your heart and chest areas. It now radiates out from your chest, spreading a powerful light energy upward through your neck and into your head, so that it completely fills the upper part of your body with light, joy and healing energy.

She is Mother Mary, the compassionate heart, the quick response of care to every living being. Her hands never cease to serve Her beloved children because they are moved by the divine love and immense mercy that exist in Her merciful heart.

Entrust to Mother Mary the knost of self-judgment and judgement of others, and all the negative consequences that lack of compassion provokes in your life.

This is an exercise inspired to bring compassion to your life with the assistance of Beloved Mother Mary.

Press here to listen to the guided meditation and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Mother Mary, the compassionate heart
Mother Mary, the compassionate heart

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