Jesus Christ teaches the radically transformative power of love and forgiveness. The Christ consciousness is a state of being that you and everybody on earth can experience. It is a blissful state that transcends all religions. It is your origin as a divine soul that lives a temporary experience on Earth. It is your true home. You have the ability to return to the state of Spirit’s unconditional love at every moment.

Notice the way His presence becomes one with your heart and mind. He feels you and understands you fully. Under this deep understanding, Jesus Christ will take you to an inner journey now to remember your God-state of peace. He takes your hands in His hands, surrounding you with love, healing energy and affection. He guides you to close your eyes and go into your own heart. Visualize your heart and see within it a divine seed of Light. This is your doorway to all existence. You are one with it. Go into the Light and feel your oneness with the Source of all creation.

This is an exercise inspired to heal the illusion of separation from unconditional, divine love.

Press here to listen to this guided meditation inviting you on a journey towards Christ-consciousness and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Christ -consciousness of unconditional love
Christ -consciousness of unconditional love

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