The spirit of the Shamanic Drum, the sound and the energy of its vibration, is here to awaken the primary sound of your body and soul that has long lied dormant within you, constantly disturbed by the automatic sounds and the noise of the mind. You have been searching for the sound of the drum and its therapeutic power for a longtime. The drum wants to take you to the other worlds that you have been exploring during your soul-contracts throughout time. The sounds and vibrations of the drum help you build a bridge through your logical left, masculine brain and your creative, right feminine brain, allowing you to explore unity and wholeness, allowing you to remain in a zone where the mystery of oneness awaits.

Listen to the sound of the drum penetrating your skin, your bones, your organs, the cells of your body. It is your partner on the journey of awakening to your Higher Self, to the whole of you that lies beyond the three-dimensional physical body. As your heartbeat synchronizes with the beat of the drum, your consciousness shifts and expands. Your mind gives place to a broader perception of the self, where pure transformation and transmutation occurs.

Past life images, rituals of spiritual communication, hidden healing prayers and probabilities of a future yet to come may arise. Allow the gifts of the drum beating to come to surface and remind you of your ancient spirituality.

This is an exercise inspired to balance your body energy

Press here to listen to this Shamanic Drum meditation and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Embrace the Shamanic drum of the Native Americans

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