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Hector- Healing energies of the masculine expressive heart

“I have hurried from the house and went down the streets. When I had gone through the city and reached the gates through which I will go out on to the plain, my wife came running towards me. She came to meet me with a nurse who carried my little child in her bosom- a […]

Giacometti- Healing erroneous beliefs about your artistic expression

“I began working at a young age. I was sending pencil drawings to my godfather and began oil painting in a studio a bit later. I began modeling the heads of my brothers in plasticine and then I moved closer to the artists that I admired in order to be taught the art by them. […]

Rousseau- Healing the darkness of your jungle self

The beautiful lodges around the wet and arid lands are the only destination for your part of the self that wants to seek an appointment with the majestic forms of your hidden world. Take some deep breaths and enter the jungle. Start gazing at the giant trees and the plants, as you move towards the […]

Monet’s lilies and being a distant observer to your earthly life

When the artist feels that the garden needs his support, he adds something to the landscape or puts his hands in the mud to feel its vibration. He says; “I’m good for nothing except painting and gardening.” Allowing thoughts and emotions to come in and just observe them; this is the way of the impressionist. […]

William Blake- Healing ego patterns about reasoning

Take a moment to think about unity with Spirit. With every breath you take, you take in Spirit, pure love from the Primary Source of Creation. Source creates all forms of energies that exist in the Universe and you within these energies. Every living being, plant, mineral or other form is originally born in Source, […]

Religion of hands-Healing distorted patterns about relationships

The sacred partners create a spiritual sanctuary for life and death. Their only specific faith is the faith in unconditional, eternal state of being mutually loved and healed. Look inside yourself to reconnect to the state of divine love– inside the sanctuary of your heart, and the temple of your human body. Know that divine […]

Orlando by Virginia Woolf- Healing false patterns about gender

Consciously set the intention of understanding unity between the two genders, between masculine and feminine energies of oneself. You close your eyes and by the time you open them again, you see in front of you Orlando’s figure, while time has passed over his/her body. You notice the same intact beauty of hers, the same […]

Venus by Botticelli – Healing the fear of acceptance

Feminine nature declares unity with All that is. One hand on her chest, another hand in front of her Yoni, Venus is the entrance to the Divine Womb of acceptance. A look full of serenity and total acceptance of the whole. There she stands in front of you, a depiction of the divine lover that […]

The Madman – Healing false patterns about beauty

Take a moment to reflect on those times you have spent time judging people based on appearance, not being able to connect with their soul. In order to release all thoughtforms of what beauty is, feel yourself filled with acceptance for all beings, including yourself. The Madman says; “I am you, you are me, we […]