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Hector- Healing energies of the masculine expressive heart

“I have hurried from the house and went down the streets. When I had gone through the city and reached the gates through which I will go out on to the plain, my wife came running towards me. She came to meet me with a nurse who carried my little child in her bosom- a […]

The Cyclops- Activating Your Pineal Gland and Tapping into your full Potential

“When the sun starts to rise over the horizon, extend one of your arms towards the sun, and point your index finger at the sun. Look at the sun from your index finger to the sun. While the sun is still red in color, focus on the sun as it rises completely above the horizon. […]

Francis of Assis- Healing the misconception of life purpose

Embark on a journey with the beloved figure of Saint Francis, the Saint of kindness and devotion. Take a moment to think of his inner power to transform Divine Will into earthly actions. Take some time to gaze at the figure of Saint Francis and notice how totally and unconditionally he permits divine guidance and […]

Metatron's Cube- Cleansing your energy body and recovering your dormant spirituality

Archangel Metatron is the Archangel that assists you to your spiritual growth. He holds the powerful cleansing tool, called the Metatron’s Cube, that helps transmute old energies and establish clean patterns on the Whole of your body. When you call upon Archangel Metatron, he is working with Divine geometric shapes and blocks of colored light […]

Archangel Haniel-Invoking Frequencies of Peace & Harmony for Mother Earth

Ask Archangel Haniel to assist you with allowing waves of light to pass through your emotional body and transform it. This field of energy within and around you is a powerful transformation for your physical body and for Mother Earth. A greater fluidity of light into your emotional body allows the synergies with the mental […]

Jesus Christ- Healing the illusion of separation from unconditional divine love

Jesus Christ teaches the radically transformative power of love and forgiveness. The Christ consciousness is a state of being that you and everybody on earth can experience. It is a blissful state that transcends all religions. It is your origin as a divine soul that lives a temporary experience on Earth. It is your true […]

Pray to Spirit- Healing the illusion of separation from Light

Just set aside some time for prayer every day. You don’t need any equipment or religion to be based upon, but you do need time and space in your heart to connect with Spirit and pass from unconscious to conscious paths of connection, so that yourself and humanity can benefit further from your prayers. Start […]

Mother Mary- Practice of the Compassionate Heart

Allow whatever comes to approach you. Allow the figure to merge its light to your body and soul. It is a kind of Light elixir that is gradually filling your heart and chest areas. It now radiates out from your chest, spreading a powerful light energy upward through your neck and into your head, so […]