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Lugos- Revealing the Warrior within

Warrior energy is your power: focus, dedication, purpose and determination. When you harness your warrior energy you are confident, clear, and you bring your full potential to each action. You then connect to Spirit as your creative flow: passion, wisdom, strategy, unconditional love, pleasure in growing. When you claim your warrior energy, you live in […]

Jesus Christ- Healing the illusion of separation from unconditional divine love

Jesus Christ teaches the radically transformative power of love and forgiveness. The Christ consciousness is a state of being that you and everybody on earth can experience. It is a blissful state that transcends all religions. It is your origin as a divine soul that lives a temporary experience on Earth. It is your true […]

Venus by Botticelli – Healing the fear of acceptance

Feminine nature declares unity with All that is. One hand on her chest, another hand in front of her Yoni, Venus is the entrance to the Divine Womb of acceptance. A look full of serenity and total acceptance of the whole. There she stands in front of you, a depiction of the divine lover that […]