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Shamanic Journey to meet your Power animal

Take a moment to note all the details of the scene. The colors, the symbols, the movements and the gestures. They all have significance. First allow vision of the animal to be clear and then see it moving. Once you see the animal in movement – follow it to see where it takes you and […]

Shamanic Medicine Wheel –Healing of past wounds and a way of receiving messages from your Ancestors

You are going to embark on a Shamanic journey that goes through the Medicine Wheel of your Ancestors, of the Wise ones that have loved you through times. Their soul remains close to you and comes to meet you in today’s modern life world. Your Ancestors are beloved beings that wish for your Highest Good […]

Embrace the Shamanic Drum – Balancing body energy

The spirit of the Shamanic Drum, the sound and the energy of its vibration, is here to awaken the primary sound of your body and soul that has long lied dormant within you, constantly disturbed by the automatic sounds and the noise of the mind. You have been searching for the sound of the drum […]