Ask Archangel Haniel to assist you with allowing waves of light to pass through your emotional body and transform it. This field of energy within and around you is a powerful transformation for your physical body and for Mother Earth. A greater fluidity of light into your emotional body allows the synergies with the mental body, making all sorts of ideas, beliefs and perceptions that run counter to peace, to be upgraded and transformed into the deep energy of love coming from Source.  

Archangel Haniel is feeding all of your energy bodies with peace and harmony and you begin to vibrate with a new frequency, allowing your deep core to be aligned with these waves of love. You are being realigned to these high frequencies that get deep into the body, you get filled with harmony and joy in the body, in every cell, every organ and through your chakra system.

This is an exercise inspired to heal dark energies on Mother Earth and a way of invoking frequencies of peace and harmony.

Press here to listen to this guided meditation and practice the recommended healing ritual!

Archangel Haniel, frequencies of harmony for Mother Earth
Archangel Haniel, frequencies of harmony for Mother Earth

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