Healing with Light: The 88-day-challenge (under construction)

Your Soul is sacred.

There is Light within you, ready to assist you with healing traumas and patterns of fear and doubt. Call it Spirit, Source, Creator or God/Goddess; words do not matter. Just ask and Light will support you.

By choosing a day-by-day practice of self-love for your soul and your physical vessel, through the spiritual exercises, rituals and the supporting tools of Feidaoxi- Healing with Light, you start a new chapter in your life, full with blissful moments. Follow the 88-day-challenge , a set of exercises inspired to heal you with Light, and get back to me for any advice or assistance to your path, for your highest good and for the fulfilment of your divine purpose.

If your inner self and your true essence do not match the life you experience right now, if this life is based on what you think the outside world wants from you, let’s change it together with Spirit.

Starting from inside, we shall experience bliss! And so be it!

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